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A Perfect Circle
A Perfect Circle

Откуда Los Angeles, California, USA
Жанры Alternative Rock
Alternative Metal
Годы 1999—2004
Лейблы Virgin Records
EMI Group
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Ashes Divide
Сайт Website
Josh Freese
Maynard James Keenan
Billy Howerdel
James Iha
Matt McJunkins
Бывшие участники
Danny Lohner
Jeordie White
Paz Lenchantin
Troy Van Leeuwen
Tim Alexander

Тексты песен A Perfect Circle

Текст песни "Annihilation"

Annihilation is to one the means to an end
armageddon the war to end all wars, the extremists' end
annihilation annihilation
annihilation self destruction
the streets are on fire, death in our wake
cars overturned, bodies are raped
you go on
preaching religious dogma, while paying for and sanctioning vicious murders
annihilation annihilation annihilation praise
you go on playing with people's lives
using their minds, you want total control
stay in line
annihilation the judgement day

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