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A Human And His STD's

Тексты песен A Human And His STD's

Текст песни "Superman Is Dead"

Oh what a thought it would be, to stop muggars and robbers with lazer beams. Oh what a sight, a sight to see, the world from above, the ocean glistening...

Fighting tycoons and tyrants alike, in space, on ships and even at night. Risking certain death, in red and blue tights. He Was Superman. He wasn't just a man. He wasn't just an icon. He was a hero, a symbol of freedom, compassion and hope.

And when Christopher Reeves fell off that horse and broke his neck, we all said thats ironic, ka-click, and went to bed. We took for granted what he endured, and what his role stood for. Children watched him and they wanted to help people. Now they watch G-Unit brag about killing people. I hope you remember him when you see them in need, because Superman is Dead.

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