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Тексты песен 65daysofstatic

Текст песни "Faceoftheearth(clingingonto)"

I never really knew the way she lived her life.
I tried a couple numbers and they never called back.
I didn't know her family or friends at all.
With no one to call, summer turned to fall, I gave up.

It's been a couple years and I guess I'm fine about it.
It's not like we were married; it was three or four months.
And nothing's really different, though it seems like I've spent my life in planes,
which is kind of strange, But I don't know.......

[There wasn't any wind, No noise, No nothing just a body jerked skyward, limbs
flailing like an unloved marionette, At impossible speed, Receding away like a
far away dot...
I can see her still, scream for help but no one answered...
She turned end on end like a long lost astronaut, I felt the summer air reclaim me,
the chirp of a bird, the whisper of leaves, And I was frozen...
To the face of the earth]

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