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36 Crazyfists
36 Crazyfists

Откуда Kenai, Alaska, United States
Жанры Nu Metal
Годы 1994—н.в.
Лейблы Roadrunner Records
DRT Entertainment
См. также Killswitch Engage
Straight Line Stitch
Witness the End
Сайт Website
Brock Lindow
Steve Holt
Thomas Noonan
Brett Makowski
Бывшие участники
JD Stuart
Ryan Brownell
Mick Whitney

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Тексты песен 36 Crazyfists

Текст песни "Waterhaul"

Press skin into skin
Just a fraction to gather the senses
Still locking in mine
Just a scrape to uncover the evidence
You won't remove me
Not anymore

So here we are
Now it's obvious
Candle lit to divide all your areas
And inside all your barriers
I'm defending my lines to ignite
And i'll be this way forever

Inside the locks hide
So my faith can come outside and shine
Besides it's why all these miles of road won't divide
You won't remove me
Not anymore

And now it's where secrets pushed behind
With the lanterns to burn this inside
And up there a snow capped romance where
Everything we build will come from our eyes.......
And i'll be this way forever

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