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36 Crazyfists
36 Crazyfists

Откуда Kenai, Alaska, United States
Жанры Nu Metal
Годы 1994—н.в.
Лейблы Roadrunner Records
DRT Entertainment
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Straight Line Stitch
Witness the End
Сайт Website
Brock Lindow
Steve Holt
Thomas Noonan
Brett Makowski
Бывшие участники
JD Stuart
Ryan Brownell
Mick Whitney

Тексты песен 36 Crazyfists

Текст песни "In the Midnights"

I ran with the dead and chased
And chased my own shadow
Built walls, walls of belief
Reaction from the fall
We are ones of Will
Desperate and dying
I was, I was along for the ride
The ride of the unaligned
I gave you every word to hold
On a deathless night
Sucking, bleeding, inside out
If I had gave in
I'd never live that down
I wanted to believe in everything I'm after
But I was drowning in the hell that I raised
And when there's nothing left to say
You won't need a reason
To kill these cancers that may come your way
Long cold wind hits face to remind your not done
Unloved failure, serves as lessons learned
Faith regained from plagues
What will I find in me
I found, I found in the falls, in the falls
The falls of the unaligned
I ran with the dead and chased my own shadow
Built walls of belief
I saw the dead rise
I saw the dead rise
Reflection dying with me

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