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12 Stones
12 Stones

Откуда Mandeville, Louisiana, USA
Жанры Post-Grunge
Годы 2000—н.в.
Лейблы Wind-up Records
Сайт Website
Paul McCoy
Eric Weaver
Justin Rimer
Kevin Dorr
Mike McManus
Бывшие участники
Aaron Gainer
Shawn Wade
Greg Trammell
Pat Quave
Stephen Poff

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Тексты песен 12 Stones

Текст песни "Crash"

As I lie tossing in my bed
Lost in my fears remembering what you said
And I try to hide the truth within
The mask of myself shows its face again
Still I lie time and time again
Will you deny me when we meet again?

And I feel like I'm falling
Farther every day
But I know that you're there
Watching over me
And I feel like I'm drowning
The waves crashing over me
But I know that your love
It will set me free

As I find truth where I found it times before
As I search for your hope
I'm finding so much more
And I try to be more like you
And I deny myself to prove my heart is true

I hear your voice calling
The time has come for me
Inside this life I'm living
There's nothing left for me
My mind is slowly fading
So far away from me
Each time I start crawling

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