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116 Clique

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Тексты песен 116 Clique

Текст песни "Get Loose"

Get loose, if you know you got that truth
Say I'm not a slave don't take no abuse
Get loose, ever since you got that truth
You and God got a truce, set aside for His use
Get loose (Get loose) Repeat 8X

Verse 1:
Everybody get loose we free from chains
Thanks to the King Christ Jesus man
Since the day we was born we was evil man
Being slaves was the norm then Jesus came
Now we stray from the norm, He redeemed us man
Not in prison of our sinning homie we been changed
In the end we'll be presented with Him free from blame
All because of what He did we live in freedom man
But its s-so whack how we g-go back
Back to the past like th-throwbacks
We ain't 'posed to act like that o-old cat
We in sin acting like we can't h-hold back
We ain't gotta act sick, we don't have to switch
Lil' homie go and check Romans chapter six
Think we gotta act bad? Nah that's a trick
Don't pick sin as your master to crack the whip


Verse 2:
Yeah freedom was the reason He set us free
Yeah the Lord Christ Jesus the best you'll see
Get to know Him, behold Him, I guess you'll see
Any hour more power than a SUV
Yeah enough to make cats that always look to sin
Make them write whole verses and hooks to Him
Make them unfoolish students of the book like Him
Make them walk like, talk like, and look like Him
I feel s-so free, He got a hold on me
And it's no way I'm going to the o-old me
Since I'm freed from deeds how I'm posed to be
Man I'm staying close and praying that He m-molds me
I'm running from my sin 'cause I'm free from that
But every now and then I feel myself creeping back
Then I run to the Word where Jesus at
And pray He'll lead my life and be pleased with that


Verse 3:
Nah we ain't gon' take that no more
In sin and your growth on slow mo
No more drank, no dro to blow
Trying to push you to the Lord that's what I flow for (flow for)
So bro, let's celebrate we free dog
Sin ain't got a hold on me dog
Running back to the Lord when we fall (we fall)

Go Dallas, get loose now
Go Houston, get loose now
Go Memphis, get loose now
Go Chi Town, get loose now
St. Louis, get loose now
New Orleans, get loose now
Go VA, get loose now
And in the UK, get loose now
Go, go, go, go, go....

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