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116 Clique

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Тексты песен 116 Clique

Текст песни "Evolution"

Intro Bridge:

It's your boy B-scientific
here to talk evolution wit you
He who began a good work within you will complete it till the day of Christ
Reach records, 116, turn my life up! I'm sho baraka baby

Tell em how you evolved!

Verse 1

I walked the earth with a pained disdain for my birth
Then I met Christ the healer, gave a cure for the curse
Time's before that, I didn't think it was worth it
These Christians ain't worth the penny-loafers they go to church with

You might even catch em on the same block cursing
If God's so good, why our life look worthless?
Then I figured it out, why they weren't learning
They didn't have the Spirit, so they didn't have discernment

So what they call themselves doing, ain't worship
They don't love the Lord, all they care about is churching
Last one in church, first one out
First one in the liquor store, passing out

But I saw a couple of men, who would live it out, ......
I was something like Thomas, I landed my hand on my doubt
Got my hands to the plough, not my hands to the gun
I thought I was down, let me tell you what I was


I was young, I was dumb, I was just too cool
I was loud and obnoxious, I was just that fool
Love money, love lust, love me, love greed
No limits to my conscience, anything to succeed

I was selfish and conceited, love rage, love hate,
A wanna be thug, a plain disgrace
Your boy did a 180 cause the Lord had grace
Sometimes I wanna go back, let me tell you why I cain't.

Verse 2:

I was a slave to the night-life
Sex and the Chronic
The erk and jerk, mad dog, gin and tonic
Then God pulled my heart strings, yeah He's harmonic

Now I'm going to live forever, I'm bionic
Put death in a check hold, and slammed it like onyx So we can slam dance in heaven, its iron
After years of research these scientists couldn't figure
How I acted like an ape, but evolved from a sinner

The company I loved greed and drank brew
But now my boys love reading Greek and Hebrew
Used to want a rolls-royce, but your boy stay broke
But I got my own phantom, yeah the Holy Ghost

It's in a 6-foot frame, with a chocolate candy paint
On the highway to heaven on a license plate "SAINT"
I turn my life up, you can hear it through the psalms
I came a long way, let me tell you what I was.


Verse 3:

I been bought with a price man, my life's not my own
Fell flat on my face when I saw that throne
Now I'm humble and I'm wiser, man I serve that Lord
Stay sharp for my team man, pack that sword

Heard about the crucifixion so my life's been changed
I'm crossed eye now, so I might look strange
Got a hope, got a future, got a purpose of life
Bill man to devout man, share that Christ

Love my neighbor, love Yahweh with all my might
Walk it out in the spirit man, be that light
Show love to my brothers, cause they act too tough
Everybody needs love cause they ain't that rough

Got fellowship, read man, hit those knees
Hate sin, flee lust man, God be pleased
I have to bear fruit since I claimed Him cause,
I came a long way, let me tell you what I was.


Can't go back baby! We've evolved! We were once dead in our trespasses, now we're alive to God baby! Oh!!

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