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116 Clique

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Тексты песен 116 Clique

Текст песни "Beyond Belief"

Yeah, uh-huh, beyond belief, beyond belief

Beyond Belief
Beyond Belief
Beyond Belief
Beyond Belief

This is why we live and why we die
This is why we laugh and why we cry
This life that we living it was given
by the God who was risen
from the grave into the sky
I look at my face
I look at my sins
I look at his grace
I look at my past
He said its a race
And now I live on
A part of the race
Now I'm rebirthed from the earth it was cursed
But I know its gets better cause it couldn't get worse
I was lying dead in my sin
My end was a place far away from a God full of hurt
And now I've been changed I gotta move on
I give you my thoughts, I give you my songs
I give you my days, I give you my nights
I give you my ways, I give you my life, my life, my life!


No, my rights are not my own
No, my life is not my own
No, even as I write this song
I forsake my ways, forsake my throne
Christ reigns supreme, Christ reigns the king
I'm nothing without him, how could I live, how could I breathe?
My life is worthless without worship
So now my purpose is His service
This is certain, we've been purchased
We gotta grow in truth of a God who is perfect
Worse is a life full of sin and curses
But Christ shed blood so that we could be purchased
Move past the pain, move past the hurt
Move past the day of your initial rebirth
Move past the pain, move past the hurt
Move past the day of your initial rebirth, rebirth, rebirth

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