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25 апреля 2011 г.

# 1
Foo Fighters
"Wasting Light"
Billboard Albums #1 - Foo Fighters

# 1
Lady GaGa
"Born This Way"
Euro Singles #1 - Lady GaGa

# 1
UK Albums #1 - Adele

# 1
"Party Rock Anthem"
UK Singles #1 - LMFAO

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Terry Ellis (En Vogue)

5 сентября 1945 г.
Al Stewart

5 сентября 1943 г.
Steve Miller

5 сентября 1939 г.
John Stewart

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Keane's Tom Chaplin: 'Dark Drink And Drug Days Are Behind Me'

5 сентября 2008 года
Keane's Tom Chaplin: 'Dark Drink And Drug Days Are Behind Me'Keane frontman Tom Chaplin has insisted that his battle with drink and drugs is now behind him – and that all he wants to do is make music again.

The singer sought professional help in August 2006 after realising that he needed to “sort myself out”.

"I feel enthused and excited about making music again and being in Keane, and that was certainly not a situation we were in a couple of years ago,” he told the BBC.

"Although it was a very dark period, it was two years ago, and it seems very distant to me.”

Chaplin remained tight-lipped on what caused his problems, but said fans could probably discover “a lot of answers” by listening to Keane's 'Under The Iron Sea'.

"In fact I feel so distant from it nowadays that it's hard to talk about it with any great authority because it was such a strange period of my life. I almost feel like it was someone else's life,” he said.

Keane release their new album, 'Perfect Symmetry', in October. They will play a one off show at The Forum in London on September 29th.

(by Jason Gregory)

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