"Family Affair"

[Intro - Sample]

[Verse 1]

Yeah this shit got me feelin' Robert Beck
Rather than Robin Thicke
Ho's, got a list, but I gotta pick
I'm gettin' bitches to strip
Leave all they clothes on, baby this ain't so hard
See, I'm a nigga with no flaw
No wrinkles in my game, this is Botox
And spoke of
I make them ho's strip
But keep on your clothes
Leave your inhibitions here...

I breed 'em like I'm going to war
I tell them killers they ain't figure what they fightin' for
This is your Vietnam
Via my strength
So your arms can't reach me
Believe me I'mma be your God
See, involvin' yourself is to be a part
And when you crackin' for the night, you don't need a heart
You now on the premises
Where rules get followed
My pretty works stalk ya...

Once guarded like the jail assistant
But now invisible cells around your brain
It's much different
It's much stricter
Believe me
And even when you crabby, obey all seasons
Whatever issues you have
Now speak them
Anything you need
Now you gotta come to me for it
Squeeze you tight
Forever you my bottom bitch
And not a fear as long as you know who your father is


'Cause you love me (call me "daddy") (Whyyy me?)
Because you need me (Whyyy me?)
You need to breathe me (Whyyy me?)
'Cause I'm your family you too weak to leave me (me)

'Cause you love me (Whyyy me?)
'Cause you need me (Whyyy me?)
You need to breathe me (Whyyy me?)
Because I'm family you too weak me to leave me (me)

[Verse 2]

I'm more Karrine Steffans
Than Corinne Rae
I see the honesty, he told me that he needs me
You see he loves me 'cause he beats me
Because he kiss every wound that he leaves me
From the womb, my newborn child
Although the route's foul, we need Similac powder
Hold on...
Simmer down now
It's momma's new job that provides temporary housing
And I'm sorry that I brung
You to the world
See your father's in the clouds
And daddy's in the Cadillac
I better get my gown
I'm running out of time
Thirty x's on that calendar

You see I gotta go to war
You too young and you don't know what I'm fightin' for
This is my Vietnam
You are my strength
And the reason that I'm going
See, with you, I never see it wrong
So I'mma leave you with the sitter
And every time I spread 'em
I'm dreaming 'bout
Us with millions
See me with a husband
No government assistance
Turn my back on the game and I ain't never gonna miss it
I kiss you on the forehead, baby just listen
Times I ain't with ya
No I am still with ya
Forever I am with ya
And never should you tear
And never should you fear
Not when momma's right here (me)


'Cause I love you (Whyyy me?)
'Cause I need you (Whyyy me?)
Right now we need him (Whyyy me?)
Because he family, we too weak to leave him (me)

'Cause I love you (Whyyy me?)
'Cause I need you (Whyyy me?)
Right now we need him (Whyyy me?)
You see he family, we too weak to leave him

[Verse 3]

You got me feelin' orphan Annie
More or less
Than the muse of a family
Shit, is it money that my momma want?
Or is it somethin' deeper, and this is momma front?
I know my daddy gone
It's such a lonely world
Is this the reason for you leaving?
Do you feel a void?
Do we make you feel important than how you felt before?
Do we kiss you on the forehead and keep you warm?

Shit, if I was old enough to speak
I'd tell you that no money can be a mother to me
And you ain't gotta go to war
Especially if you don't know what you fightin' for
You stuck in Vietnam
You see him as a God
And I don't know who told you, but I don't see a mom
I see a young teen
I don't see a problem
We're livin' wrong before your God see a proverb
Your little cub
One day a bed
One parent above, the other live scared
She need love
That's why I can't have it
She can't be my mother
She's always with daddy (me)


You don't love me (Whyyy me?)
And you don't need me (Whyyy me?)
This ain't easy (Whyyy me?)
I got no family, you too weak to leave him (me)

You don't love me (Whyyy me?)
And you don't need me (Whyyy me?)
This ain't easy (Whyyy me?)
Momma, we got no family 'cause you too weak to leave him (me)


(Whyyy me?)