Solange Knowles

No, no, no, no

(Verse 1):
Some people say that life is full of pain but I look at life as it 
were a flower taking all the good instead of all the bad and turning 
it around with what we have. And everything we do and everything we 
say soon will all become what we have made, when walking out your 
door remember there's much more so why don't you just….

Come on won't you ride with me 
I will take you on a fantasy 
And we can get along in this wonderland

In this wonderland, woahhh…..

(Verse 2):
You never use more than just words can say,
But I can explain how it holds its power.
Remember every dream that kept you in your sleep,
The places you would go, you've never been,
And everywhere we go, everything we do, 
Soon it all becomes a part of you.
When wishing on your star,
remember who you are,
so why don't you just…..

(Chorus 2X/ w adlibing)

won't you come with me,
no, no, ohhh.

_____ whatever it takes
life is whatever you make,
sometimes it's never enough,
just when you think it's enough.
Come and go with me, lands nobody's seen
come and go with me,
let your self be free,

(Chorus 2X/ w adlibbing)

(adlib till end)