Nikki Yanofsky
"Let's Have A Party"

Wake all the neighbours, it's gonna get loud
Pop all the breakers, were gonna freak out
You better look out (better look out)
This is bigger than big time, its better than best
Well break every record, well make a mess
Bigger than the rest (bigger than the rest)
The flame is burning, and it's getting hot
It's time to show just what you've got
Ohhhh Whoaa
Let's have a party,
Let's go whoa, let's get it started
Wake it up, you know this time well get it right
Tonight, Ohh whoa
Let's have a party, let it go whoa
Get out of your body, shake it up
And let your inhibitions fly
Let's have a party

Now that were friendly, you can let down your guard
You've been rocking it gently, and that's a nice start
Now take it off the charts (take it off the charts)
Now that were moving, lets pick up the beat
Turn up the volume, turn up the heat
It's everything in me

Party!! (Party!!)
Suave! (Suave!)
Do the moment, celebrate!
Party!! (Party!!)
Suave! (Suave!)
Ohhh whoa, lets goo whoa

Chorus; (x2)
Let's have a Party