Mobb Deep
"Hey Luv (Anything)"

f/ 112

To let it ride... {*echoes*}

[Prodigy] + (Slim)
Pshh, shorty come here (112)
Listen, listen, listen, I know, I know (Ooooh)
(Love you) God damn
(Need you) Hear me out though
(Let's ride..) Yo (Let's ride..)

Hey love, I wanna hold you and talk to you
Put my arm around your shoulder and walk witchu
Be that one that'll serve you, my word to you
I know that nigga don't be doin what he 'sposed to do
I got much more to give than homie do
And you so fine, I just wanna roll witchu
You a Queen bitch, you need a King close to you
You need a nigga like P to just flow witchu
And I gotta try, cause anything's possible
And you just might see things the way I do
I just wanna get next to you, friends witchu
Burn hundreds, wake up in the bed witchu
I love when you walk, how that body move
Pardon my mouth, I'm just being honest boo
I will pay for airtime just to vibe witchu
Kisses and hugs until the next time you swing through

[Chorus: 112]
So many things that I wanna do
Wanna kiss, wanna touch, wanna taste, never teasing you
Oooh baby, cause I only wanna be with you; girl you know
Anything that you need, I got it
Million dollar shopping spree, I got it
Anything that you want, I got it
You know, I got it, ask me, I got it

Ma I want you in the worst way, and I ain't thirsty or nuttin
But when I see somethin boo, I go hard for the button
Hit my cell, I'ma take you out to eat
And kill any misconception that you got of Mobb Deep
Throw that bug in ya ear, and it's about time
Cause a nigga like me, been wantin you for years
Bumped heads here and there, but never got the chance
Best to those who wait, once I get up in them pants
Ain't no one minute man
'Posed to be with him? Better change those plans
Anything you gotsta do, lie to screw
Must be out his monkey-ass mind - how the hell he gettin tired of you?
Lemme light that fire that yo' body desire
Get you back to being sexy, single "Free" like Mya
Cause I treats 'em right, you know how I rock
And where-ever you at girl I'm on the next flight


Sit back I got this, baby girl you straight
For sure, rest assured you in the arms of strength
Baby I'll die for my loved ones, make no mistake
I'm not that man, I keep my gun on bait

And it's a cold world, your man don't understand your pain
And I know you gettin tired of the same ol' same
He expect to keep you locked with that five karat ring?
Let's cop that old real while 112 sing

Anything you want, and anything you need
Just pick up the phone, and call me
Oooh anything, anything you want (anything you want)
and anything you need
Ooooh.. I'll come running!

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

Yeah.. 112...
Mobb Deep... (let's rock this)
Let's go.. (Prodigy)
Da-da-da-da-da.. (Havoc)
Ohhh.. Let's go..
Let's ride... (That's right..)