DeYarmond Edison
"As Long As I Can Go"

my back porch sits off the sun room
i hold still so i can look in my __
the sun comes out and pours itself
onto everything (2x)

my road isn't being used too much today
i remind myself i'm in love with the sound of the highway
i'm in my room doing what makes me feel like new
i'm thinking when i can get this song onto the stage

i need it out here where there's plenty of space
in my future i hope there's no other place
i hope i have a dog some fine day
because we can look at the same things
we could smile, we could go, and we could say

as long as i can go (3x)

years and years the ages will pass by
and heres the same, you don't have to know why
my love for the buzz has found a home with you
i hesitate to say cuz i know that it's true
and the sun takes the mist and evaporates
into the ___ of the evening
the sun comes out just in time to go down
i put it inside myself with the others that i'm keeping

and the summer is hot when i'm laying down
and i love you a lot even in this perfect distance outside of town
and the empty parking lots illuminate the smallest corner of the sky
and the ____ wonderful in the country night

as long as i can go (3x)

i hope it pleases you as much as it does me
this moment when day becomes night, it's important to me
i want to be here, right here

as long as i can go (8x)