Des Ark
"last bastion of worthlessness"

lets be swingers, lets be brothers
lets be lovers undercover at the bar tonight
buying drinks for one another
as we fall on top each other
in the back under the light
you look beautiful tonight
with your hair piled heavy in a halo on your head
oh no you dont need to say it
oh i knew it when i saw you
that you were one of us girls who get drunk
as the best way we know how to open up
i will take him home
we'll start making out before we make it to the front door
wait for it and i swear that it will come
now you're flashing back to the days when you were younger
woods behind my house
whose that man covering up our mouths

when will you understand as embarrassed as i am
when i look at the body of a man
all i see is a stock piling of weaponry