Des Ark
"If by Gay you mean Totally Freaking Awesome, then Yeah I guess it's Pretty Gay"

someone tipped the scales & watched the waters flood
they blew out all the windows, caked the walls with mud
& everybody knows when it hits in the south
that is a land that we will learn to live without
that is a house that we have learned to live without

when ruins come in pieces with no pictures to recall
when you cant find a light to break or bright the shadows on the wall
everytime that we declare this is it, im giving up
there comes a push, there comes a push, there comes a push
& we dont sit down what we do is get back up

it was an idea that we had & a bad idea at that
i wanna be loved by you, i sure do

lets learn to be alone together, lets cry our fucking eyes out cuz we know no one will care for us
lets go home alone together, lets fuck & lets expect it when we dont feel any better

there goes the best damn summer that we ever spent
drinking on the porch, rolling our own cigarettes
jumping up & down in our panties on the bed, screaming,
that was the best summer that we will ever have
& we believed it

so wont you take me to the kitchen of yr ex-wifes house
bore me with details of all the papers youve put out
& i cant tell when youre gonna figure out
that any line you use tonight will work
because were both as fucking broken as we look