Black Box Recorder
"Goodnight Kiss"

Put on your make-up
Apply it with care
Use your imagination
We can go anywhere

We'll have an adventure
I'm bored with just love
A fairy tale with a sting in the tail
Tonight we'll draw blood

From Blackpool tower to Brighton pier
Turn the lights out we know there's no-one here

The candle is buring
So the modern butterfly
Can plant out a night-life
It's purely desire

We might meet some old friends
We might push our luck
Hot on the heels of something
Hot on the heels of not much

From Severn bridge to Southend-on-Sea
Turn the lights out before you leave, goodnight

It's been a good night
It's just a goodnight kiss

The night's nearly over
Get a taxi at five
I'll cradle your head in my hands
Check that you're still alive

Golden mile to Morecambe bay
Turn the lights out as there's nothing left to say

From Dungeness to the Isle of White
Would the last one to leave turn out the light

It's just a good night
It's been a good night
It's just a goodnight kiss